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Metro Vancouver's leading provider of Real Estate News & Services, Since 2002.

BCHN.com - is Real Estate Industry's most trusted information resource of local market conditions, buyer's advice, seller's advice, Realtor advice, and latest relevant news.


BCHN.com is committed to being Metro Vancouver's most trusted online resource of the most relevant and timely information on industry's technology, innovation and real estate operations that educate industry professionals in creating quality and more profitable business relationships. 

From our founding in 2002, to our present-day position, our main focus is to provide the most comprehensive reviews on housing services and real estate service providers as well as the current market condition, which aims to help consumers make smarter investment decisions.

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Registered since 2002, BCHN is home to one of the oldest and most established Real Estate news and magazine publications in British Columbia.  

BC Housing News Limited, has dedicated the last 12 years in providing an accurate overview of market trends & reliable statistical reports, Investor meetup events, community tips and trusted businesses specializing in the commercial and residential real estate industry.

Our Philosophy
We believe in a comprehensive approach to the public's real estate needs. BCHN.com is also dedicated to making the real estate industry better.  More than a news provider, BCHN.com is also dedicated to making the real estate industry better. In order to help real estate professionals stay informed about the latest technological developments that will improve their business, BC Housing News now offers real estate web hosting solutions designed with comprehensive real estate tools that enable real estate professionals compete in the marketplace and take their business to the next level. 

Shane Douglas



BCHN was founded by 31 year old established technology entrepreneur & real estate investor guru, Shane Douglas Harder. Shane is a local BC resident, born and raised in Abbotsford, BC.

Son of the successful Abbotsford music & sewing machine retail store, Toews Music & Sewing located on Clearbrook road, Shane grew up in a family dynamic that both supports and encourages the entrepreneurial spirit by learning how to manage risk, keep costs low and build quality business partnerships across the industry. Shane is a well traveled individual with over 30 international destinations visited by the young CEO with over 3 collective years living in various parts of the world. Such destinations include: Germany, Romania, USA, France, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Brazil, Macau, Mexico and almost every country within South East Asia.

Shane has a published best seller titled “Canadian Real Estate Hacks” that can be found on Amazon. The book comes with a detailed look at the world real estate market and how these markets both compare and influence the the Canadian market. The book is aimed to help local Canadian investors view the market from an outsiders world perspective and utilize resources not available for majority world-wide & global population.




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